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Vernacular Thinking

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Climate Change is caused due to human interventions and modern science. The global problem faced today is nothing but collective destruction at our individual level. From our study in Pulicat since last ten years, We realized that our thinking process is changed completely. We need Vernacular Thinking - A place-based thinking process is needed. Every region on this earth has a unique micro-climate with place-centric vegetation. For example, the Coromandel coast has tropical-dry evergreen forest vegetation. The trees and plants are very unique and different comparing to its neighbouring zone, which is just 200km away. But our learning and understanding the process in the last one hundred years through modern education is universal. Will it suit this earth?

Mangrove is called as waves-stopper அலையாத்தி = அலை waves + ஆத்தி slowdown. Within one word entire ecology and environmental management principles are conveyed. This is an example of a whole understanding of the importance of vernacular-thinking. We need vernacular-thinking to reduce the impact of climate change.

 Photo by Helen Scales
Courtesy: Photo by Oliver S.

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