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Save Pulicat to Save Chennai

Bird Watching Spot




Pulicat (பழவேற்காடு) is famous for its wetland which covers an area of 759 Located on the north of Chennai city at 55th km. The Lagoon is considered to be the second largest water body in India. the water body is shared by two states, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. The world famous rocket launching and research organisation ISRO is located in the centre of the lagoon (கடற்கழி). 


Two thousand years of maritime history could be traced in the villages of Pulicat Lagoon. Asia's largest European cemeteries are located in Pazhaverakadu, Tamilnadu. More than eighty thousand migratory birds visit this waterbody. The famous palaykat lungi or sarong had its origin from this region due to the finest quality of cotton and weaving. 


Pulicat Lagoon has two parts - lake & marshy/dry land. The road connecting Sullurpeta and Sriharikota-island divide the wetland. Popularly known as Pulicat-Lake is in the south of the road. The northern part will be marshy or dry depending upon seasons. The three rivers that bring fresh water during winter monsoon are Arani, Kalagi, and Swarnamukhi. Three sea-water inlets make the water brackish. 


Unlike the western ghats, the southeast coast of India depends on wetlands to attract rain clouds. The wetlands play a major role in attracting northeast monsoon during the winter season. However, its gloriest natural and built values are in vanishing. We AARDE working towards the promotion and conservation of this fragile environment. 


Pulicat Day 

WORLD WETLANDS DAY celebrating since 2011

First Saturday of February is celebrated as the Pulicat Day. Traditional Catamaran கட்டுமரம் race, quiz, drawing & kolam competitions, and folklore events are organised


Trace Origin of Madras


Birth anniversary of Madras (Chennai city) is celebrated at Pulicat. Heritage lovers visit to trace the origin of Madras. Pulicat was the first modern administration center of India. 


Empowering Women


More than 120 fisher-women are empowered through palm-leaf craft. The traditional craft improve income of the self-help women and protect the environment. 

Pazhaverkadu Village - Tourist Spots
Cultural Landscape of Pulicat
PULICAT DAY Celebrations

Since 2011, World Wetlands Day is organised as the Pulicat-Day. To bring attention to this fragile lagoon, the days celebrated with traditional catamaran race, ecology-quiz, kolam competition, folklore activities, etc..