#34, North Usman Road, T.Nagar

Next to Sundari Silks, Chennai 600017

4"x4" Cube Box
4"x3" Round hinged Box
6"x 4"x 3" Single Handle Basket
6"x 4"x 3" Single Handle Basket
Heart Box with Compartment
Heart Box with Compartment
Kutty Kudai with Lid
7"x 7" x2" Square Tray
6"x 4"x 3" Double Handle Basket
10"x 10" Diamond Box
4"x 2" Round Box
10"x 2" Round Tray
8"x 6"x 5" Basket
8"x 6"x 2" Oval Tray
6"x 4"x 4" Basket
9"x 7"x 2" Rectangle Box
5"x 5"x 2" Dry Fruit Box
6"x 3" Round Box
Heart Box
13"x 7"x 10" Big Basket
8"x 3.5"x 3.5" Basket
8"x 2" Round Hamper Basket
10"x 8"x 2" Oval Tray
7"x 4" Round Box
Shade Basket
8"x 2" Round Pencil Box
Shopping Basket
10"x 3" Square Pencil Box
5"x 2" Kutty Kudai
6"x 3" Round Dry Fruit Box
10"x 3" Round Box
12"x 6.5"x 7.5" Rectangle Basket
8"x 5" Pouch
5"x 5" Pouch
5"x 3" Square Box
12"x 3" Fruit Bowl
5"x 5" Handle Pouch
4"x 2" Kutty Kudai
Rose Box
10"x 3" Fruit Bowl
Hanging / Thoran
Muram (mini)
8"x 2" Fruit Bowl
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We are a not-for-profit registered TRUST actively involved in the promotion and conservation of natural and built-heritage of Pulicat Lagoon, since 2007. The mission is supported by our various activities including training and sale of Palm-Leaf Craft, conducting workshops, architecture film-festivals, consultancy and research service activities. 

Trust Registration Number:

(Saidapet S.Registrar 
Office, Chennai)


Registered in

NITI AAYOG TN/2018/0197185;

Exempted from Tax under 80G & 12AA  Section of Income Tax Act of India

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M: +91-9884453409

E: info@aarde.in

An United Nation initiative
Member of

AARDE is an Initiative of

M/s Anameka Architects and Designers, Chennai

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35/18 Pushpa Nagar Main Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai 600034