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Renovation of 379 Years Old Building - PULICAT Health Care Clinic 


Pulicat town is 19 km away from the nearest town- Ponneri. The Thane-Cyclone damaged General Health-Care building was built by the Dutch in the 1640s as an office for the Governor, which was later converted into a GHC. This building has a historical value, which unfortunately has been left to ruin and was recently slated for demolition. With the support of SHG-Women, AARDE submitted a request letter to the Collector to stop the demolition. This building is currently in need of renovation.


The existing infrastructure at the Pulicat Health Care centre is not meeting the demand due to lack of adequate space. Renovation of the damaged building will create additional space to meet current/future demands. Also, the building is one of the first European buildings with an interesting history in the Chennai region. The renovation will bring in the additional tourist attraction and indirect benefits to that society. It will improve the understanding of heritage protection among its inhabitants. The last existing maritime heritage in Pulicat will be protected and put to beneficial use for its people. It will also bring a wider attraction to this heritage-rich lagoon.


Pulicat Health Care centre will lead to the creation of additional space for its womenfolk. This added space will house needed facilities for women, especially a much-needed maternity ward. Also, the renovation of this historical building (unlisted) would bring about a positive change and attitude amongst the people of Pulicat village to protect their historic settlement. This project will help us achieve our vision of adding necessary health-care facilities for the community, simultaneously protecting the built-heritage of the Pulicat region.


Received 1/3rd of budgeted renovation grant from UNITEDWAY of CHENNAI, an NGO based in Chennai. 


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